Zemitāna street 2B, Riga

1-2x a week

50 minutes

A unique method


In the Grammar village, all the inhabitants have disappeared. To find them, you have to go on a mission, where learning a certain grammar time can bring you closer to the answer .

Once in a while, a treasure can be found that gives a great advantage during the mission.

When the mission is completed, the participant enters a "game", the aim of which is to test the child's knowledge through a quest (known as the Escape Room).


Grammar Village missions invite children who want to learn to speak English fluently, as well as those who are just taking their first steps in learning English! 

Missions are adjusted to suit the child's level of knowledge.

Lessons take place: 

  • Riga, Zemitāna Street 2B;
  • in small groups;
  • divided by age and knowledge levels (for children aged 8-9 and 10-12);
  • 1-2 times a week x 50 minutes;
  • on weekdays or weekends, depending on your choice. 

The fee for one lesson is 9 EUR.

  1. APPLY the participant and INDICATE the desired days, time and level of knowledge of the child;
  2. RECEIVE an English proficiency TESTvia e-mail to be completed by the participant;
  3. RECEIVE the information about the level and time in your e-mail;
  4. INVITE the participant to come to the first lesson at Zemitana Street 2B, Riga, room 304;
  5. EVALUATE if you want to proceed with further lessons and let us know;
  6. RECIEVE AN AGREEMENT and payment procedure;
  7. If you decide to proceed with further lessons, PAY for the attended and further lessons planned in the month.