Rīgas Stradiņa universitāte (Riga Stradins University) studenti ir sagatavojuši video, kurā palīdz bērniem nebaidīties no ārstiem, iejūtoties pašiem ārsta lomā. 

Noskatieties video un aizpildiet Lācēna pacienta karti – ŠEIT

The Little Teddy Bear found today a bag full of sweets in the kitchen’s shelf. They were so colorful and looked so tasty. He sat on the couch and ate, one, two, three,… all of them until the bag was empty!

Now he does not feel well, his tummy hurts a lot and he starts crying. What can he do? Probably it is time to visit the doctor. Only he can fix Little Teddy Bear´s tummy.

Author: DSIA Beatriz Manha, Dennis Buck, Sebastian Salamon