AUDIO COMIC BOOK is one of the parts of Smart Star set, with the aim to learn English, develop listening and reading skills. 

The audio comic is designed so that children who are still learning to read, can listen to the story by clicking on it. To understand the text, you will also find an audio translation in Latvian and Russian on each page. Those children who already know how to read can develop their reading skills by listening to the audio with the correct pronunciation. However, given the specifics of a certain age, a younger child will feel safer if they work alongside someone who can help them read or show how to listen to the audio. 

The target age is kindergarten and primary school age children, depending on the level of the child’s individual interests and abilities.

The audio comic book is not intended for download, but can be accessed online. For easier reading during travels or at home, a printable version is also available.  


To expand and strengthen the vocabulary, use: izmantojiet arī:

  • E-activities with audio translation in Latvian and Russian. with the aim to click and repeat the heard, therefore learning to answer questions.
  • Board games with the aim to independently use the acquired vocabulary, phrase, answers and questions.
  • Printable worksheets with the aim to revise vocabulary, learn letters, spelling, reading and writing.


Extra information about the SMART STAR e-lessons can be found at and Instagram.

If you have any questions, as well how to choose the most appropriate study material for your child, contact us via e-mail or call us +37127774321.

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