E-activities is one of the parts of the Smart Star set with the aim to learn and strengthen English - by getting acquainted with different aspects of the English language, encouraged to listen and answer, read and write, and get involved in different activities and games.

To better understand whether this type of lesson is suitable for you child, before ordering, please watch this short VIDEO about e-lessons: HERE

During the first e-lesson you will need to help your child until they grasp the concept themselves and can participate in the lesson independently and with joy. Please remember that once you press the audio button, it takes a couple seconds to load!

E-lessons are available only through these browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer vai Edge.


For structured English learning use VIDEO LESSONS.

To expand and strengthen the vocabulary, use:

  • Board games with the aim to independently use the acquired vocabulary, phrase, answers and questions.
  • Printable worksheets with the aim to revise vocabulary, learn letters, spelling, reading and writing.
  • Audiobooks and comic books with the aim to learn to read.


Extra information about the SMART STAR e-lessons can be found at www.vs.edu.lv/majasFacebook and Instagram.

If you have any questions, as well how to choose the most appropriate study material for your child, contact us via e-mail valodu.skola@vs.edu.lv or call us +37127774321.

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